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Level II and Level III Processing

Lower Your B2B Payment Processing Rates

Does your business sell to other businesses?  We can help you save instantly on payment processing with Level II processing.  This little known payment processing secret can help lower your Visa and Mastercard Interchange Rates!

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Shave 0.8% Off Your B2B Payment Processing Rates

The B2B Payment Processing Secret

Selling to other businesses means you take a lot of business credit and debit cards.  Unfortunately, these cards have much higher Interchange Rates than consumer cards, so you tend to pay more than a retail operation.  Fortunately, using Level II and Level III Processing can help lower these Interchange Rates.

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Lower Visa and MasterCard Interchange

The savings you can realize from Level II and III processing can be HUGE if you're already processing a lot of Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Take advantage now to start saving on your first transaction!


Prevent Chargebacks and Fraud

Since additional transaction data is required to process a Level II or III transaction, there is inherently more fraud and chargeback protection. Start preventing fraud before it happens and eliminate chargebacks!


Optimized Virtual Terminal

Level II and III Processing requires entering additional information when completing a sale. To do this, you need a Virtual Terminal that is optimized to capture and send this data to the card brands.

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How Much Can Level II and Level III Save Me?

Level II and Level III Processing can save you some serious money on your monthly processing bill.  This is done by optimizing your virtual terminal to accept and send Level II and III data to the card brands.  See below for the potential savings based on current Visa USA Interchange Reimbursement Fees for Commercial Cards.

No Level II or III Processing
0 0% + $0.10
With Level II Processing
0 0% + $0.10
0.20% in Instant Savings!
With Level III Processing
0 0% + $0.10
0.80% in Instant Savings!
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