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Retail Payment Processing and Ordering Solutions

There are tons of factors when it comes to payment processing rates and even more factors when it comes to choosing a POS system.  MiPago® is designed for Retail Stores who are trying to grow and expand with integrated ordering technology and low-cost merchant processing.

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Start Saving Money on Payment Processing for Retail Stores

Ensure you’re getting the best payment processing rates for your business with one of our payment processing experts.  Learn more about our affordable payment processing rates below.

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Online information

Flat Fee Processing

Pick from one of our 3 flat fee packages starting at $99.99/month. Pair with a best-in-class POS system and online ordering to save more and keep customers coming back!

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Cash Discount

Pay $0.00 for Credit Card Processing Fees and start saving on DAY 1. Don't let the banks take 2.5%–3% of your hard-earned revenue. Immediately add to your bottom line to invest back into yourself and the business.

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Wholesale Merchant Processing

Get rates tailored for your industry and business type. Pricing in interchange plus, tiered, and flat rate are available. Optimize with MiPago® and start saving money on your payment processing bill!

Sales and savings reporting

Free Statement Analysis

Already have a merchant processing account? Do you think your rates are unbeatable? You would be surprised. Get in touch today to see if we can beat your current rates with any of our payment processing packages.

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Upgrade Your POS

Grow your Business with a Robust POS System

In retail, POS systems go beyond just taking payments.  Now, POS systems are also used for inventory tracking, employee management, and customer loyalty.  Upgrade your POS system to one that has diverse features needed to grow your business!

Inventory checklist
In-depth Inventory System

Set minimum stock levels, easily receive new inventory, and keep track of any wastage & theft.

Integrated technology
Track Your Employees

Keep track of employee sales, time entries, discounts, voids, refunds, and anything else they do in the POS system.

Sales and savings reporting
Real-time Reporting

Stay up-to-date even when you're away from the business with real-time cloud reporting.

Premium services
Customer Loyalty

Attract more customers and bring old ones back with integrated loyalty and gift cards.

Ready to Grow?

Not Sure What Payment System is the Best Fit?

A proper payment system can make or break a company.  Book a Free Consultation with one of our team members today to go over your needs and if we are a good fit.

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Start saving money on payment processing and begin to leverage your POS system to help grow your business.  Use one of the contact methods below to get in touch with MiPago today to see if your business is a good fit!

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