What is Cash Discount Processing?

Pay 0% Credit Card Processing Fees

Pass through your Credit Card Processing Fees with a Cash Discount Program.  Start shaving dollars off your monthly bill instantly with Cash Discount!

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Includes Basic EMV Terminal or
Use Your Own Hardware

Modern payment processing terminal and pinpad
$ 0
/ Per Month*
  • 0% Payment Processing Fees
  • Integrates with Most Major POS Systems
  • Or Process Payments Without a POS
  • Quick On-Boarding
  • No Long-term Contracts

Includes Mini POS System

Clover Mini Point of Sale
$ 49
/ Per Month*
  • 0% Payment Processing Fees
  • Multiple Mini POS Options
  • Quick On-Boarding
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • No Long-term Contracts

Includes Full-Size POS

Clover Point of Sale Station 2021
$ 149
/ Per Month*
  • 0% Payment Processing Fees
  • Multiple POS Options
  • Quick On-Boarding
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • No Long-term Contracts
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Say Goodbye to Credit Card Processing Fees

Processing Fees Can Get Expensive

The average Small Business pays $525 a month in Credit Card Processing Fees.  With Cash Discount you are able to pass through these fees at the point-of-sale, eliminating them from your monthly bill.

Credit card fee percentage
0% Credit Card Processing Fees

Make a huge impact on your bottom line without making a huge investment.

Integrated technology
Easy to Implement

Getting started is simple for both existing merchants and new merchants.

Merchant processing pricing models
Keep Your Revenue

Stop giving over 3% of your revenue to the banks! Take back control of your revenue and cash flow.

Money bags
100% Compliant

All necessary paperwork and compliance signage will be provided free of charge.

Need Help?

Not Sure if Cash Discount is the Best Fit?

A proper payment system can make or break a company.  Book a Free Consultation with one of our team members today to go over your needs and if Cash Discount a good fit.

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