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Lowered Rates for Supermarkets

Take Advantage of Lower Rates for Supermarkets

Did you know that Visa and MasterCard offer lowered interchange rates specifically for supermarkets? 

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Save $100s on Your Payment Processing Rates

The Supermarket Payment Processing Secret

The card brands you already take offer lowered rates for supermarkets as a way to incentivize card acceptance.  Unfortunately, most banks and processors board supermarket accounts as general retail. 

General retail rates aren’t tailored for supermarkets which leads to expensive processing bills.  Our team specializes in setting up supermarkets with optimized rates and integrated point-of-sale technology to help businesses thrive.

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Lowered Interchange Rates

Supermarkets are given special lowered interchange rates by Visa and MasterCard to lower your overall cost of acceptance and encourage you to accept their cards.

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Our team of experts can easily tell if your business is set up for supermarket rates with a free statement analysis. Use the button and form below to submit a statement, or give us a call directly to get in touch with a representative at 844-404-0199!

What Are Supermarket Interchange Rates?

Interchange fees are charged per transaction to you by the card networks for accepting their debit and credit cards.  When you look at your monthly merchant processing bill, a majority of what you are paying is interchange fees.

Fortunately, for supermarkets, the card brands offer optimized interchange to help lower your cost of acceptance.  Unfortunately,  most supermarkets we come across aren’t set up with optimized interchange rates. 

See below for a list of these lowered interchange rates and get in contact with us today to qualify for them!

Card Program
Regular Retail Interchange
Supermarket Interchange

Visa Signature Preferred

2.10% + $0.10

2.00% + $0.07

0.10% + $0.03

Visa Signature

1.65% + $0.10

1.65% + $0.07

0.00% $0.03

Visa Traditional Rewards

1.65% + $0.10

1.50% + $0.07

0.15% + $0.03

MasterCard World

1.77% + $0.10

1.58% + $0.10

0.19% + $0.00

MasterCard Enhanced Value

1.73% + $0.10

1.48% + $0.10

0.25% + $0.00

MasterCard Core

1.58% + $0.10

1.48% + $0.10

0.10% + $0.00

For a list of all current interchange fees please visit here for Visa or here for MasterCard.
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